• Water heater can be connected directly to overhead tank. The height of tank from water heater should not exceed 30m, in high pressure model it should not exceed 60m. If the pressure is more a pressure reducing valve should be connected at inlet. The bottom of overhead tank should be at least 2m from top to water heater.
  • Do not adjust safety valve, 4×1 valve, thermostat and thermal cut out as these are pre-set and sensitive devices. Any presetting may damage the unit and eve prove dangerous. This should be strictly avoided.
  • Do not switch on power supply until water heater is completely filled with water and water is flowing out of outlet pipe. Disconnect the electric supply and close the inlet valve and call service center.
  • Incase fusible plug operates and water flows through the fusible plug pipe, contact to service center.
  • For pressure pump application, it is recommended to have incoming pressure not more rated pressure which results into trouble free working to your appliances.


Please preserve the warranty Card and Tax/Sale Invoice/Cash and ensures that they are duly stamped and signed by the company’s dealer’s. The warranty Card or a Cash Memo which is not stamped and signed by the dealer will be. Treated as invalid.